44 Active extensions

Name Current Version Author Description
Board version 1.0.0 all4phone Simple extension that shows board version on index.
Nv who was here 1.0.0 Joas Schilling [nickvergessen], Anvar Nv who was here.
Cron Status 3.1.2-RC John Peskens, Igor Lavrov Cron Status displays an overview of Board's Cron Jobs in Maintenance module of the ACP. This extension also shows a notification on the main page of the ACP when a cron job is locked (optionally). It shows the time when the cron task started and which cron task was the problem.
Log user connections 2.1.0-rc2 David Wood This extension will log user connections, failed logins and new users.
Username BBCode 1.0.1 dmzx Username BBCode with Group Colours.
Who Visited This Topic 1.0.3 dmzx Shows the users who have visited a topic and the times they have visited.
Error pages 3.1.0 John Peskens Error Pages displays Apache errors in your forums style.
Referrers 3.1.0 John Peskens Referrer displays an overview of referrer logs in Maintenance module of ACP. This extension logs all referrers it finds and keep track of hits, first visit and last visit. A cron job can prune the referrers after a configurable time.
Upload image 3.1.0.RC5 John Peskens Upload Images enables you to upload images in your images folder of your board. The ui folder is used for the images and is created automatically when enabling this extension. Copy imagepath simply by clicking and use it wherever you want to show your image. Be careful with deleting images as there is no check if the image is still used.
Convert Local Url To Link Name 0.2.0 HAMMER663
News Scroll 1.0.0 James Newcombe, spaceace Adds a ACP configurable scrolling text box above the forums
Improved Extension Management 1.0.2-dev javiexin Improves the core extension and metadata managers and the ACP module
KeyCAPTCHA 3.0.2 KeyCAPTCHA Team KeyCAPTCHA Extension for phpBB 3.1
SEO Sitemap 0.2.0 Jeff Cocking (LotusJeff) SEO Sitemap creates the XML sitemap index and listings
Social Sharing w/Dyanmic Opengraph Tags 1.0.0 Jeff Cocking (LotusJeff) Social Sharing w/Dynamic Opengraph and Twitter Cards. Provides social sharing icons w/ supporting data.
Posting Template 1.0.0 martti Posting Template Extension for phpBB 3.1
Show Title From External Links 1.0.2 Mickroz, Rich McGirr This extension will allow the display of the links page title on your forum when a link is posted
Quick Style 1.3.5 PayBas, primehalo Adds a style dropdown box to the header of every page for quickly switching between styles. Based on the original Prime Quick Style by primehalo.
Auto Groups 1.0.1 Marc Alexander, Michael Cullum, Matt Friedman, Nathan Guse, Clemens Husung, Lukasz Kaczynski, John Peskens, Ruslan Uzdenov An extension that can automate the process of adding and removing users from groups upon reaching specified milestones related to their post count, age, membership, and warnings count.
Board Announcements 1.0.2 Marc Alexander, Michael Cullum, Matt Friedman, Nathan Guse, Lukasz Kaczynski An extension which allows you to create board-wide announcements for your phpBB forum
Board Rules 1.0.1 Michael Cullum, Nathan Guse, Matt Friedman, Lukasz Kaczynski An extension which allows you to create a set of rules for your phpBB forum
Google Analytics 1.0.1 Marc Alexander, Michael Cullum, Matt Friedman, Nathan Guse, Lukasz Kaczynski An extension that allows administrators to easily add their Google Analytics tracking code to their phpBB forum.
Pages 1.0.4 Marc Alexander, Michael Cullum, Matt Friedman, Nathan Guse, Lukasz Kaczynski, John Peskens, Ruslan Uzdenov An extension which allows you to add static pages to your phpBB forum
Annual Stars 1.0.1 Rich McGirr Displays stars based on a users registration date
Holiday Flare 2.0.0 William (bonelifer), Matt (VSE) Allows an admin to display various seasonal holiday flares to their default style. The images/javascript can be enable/disabled in the ACP via EXTENSIONS --> Holiday Flare --> Settings
Meta Tags phpBB SEO 2.0.0-b1 dcz Meta Tags for phpBB 3.1
phpBB 3.1 Prime Links Extension 1.0.0 Ken F. Innes IV Modifies links within posts so that local links are correctly classified as such. It can also apply a target to external links (e.g. to open in a new window) and prepend links (e.g. to apply an anonymizer).
Add User 1.0.0 Rich McGirr Allows administrators to add users to their forum
National Flags 1.0.0 Rich McGirr Allows user to be able to choose a national flag and have a top (those with the most users selecting the flag) number of flags display on the index page of a phpBB 3.1 forum. Header is link to a listing of all users of a flag. Clicking on user count of the flag displays the users that have that flag set. This extension requires at least phpBB version 3.1.4-RC1.
Stop Forum Spam 1.0.1 Rich McGirr Queries the stop forum spam database on registration and posting. Extension settings are found under the user registration settings of the forum. This extension requires at least phpBB version 3.1.4-RC1.
Detailed viewonline 1.0.0 rxu Provide more detailed information about a place on the board on viewonline page.
Advanced MODx Instructions 1.0.0 Sniper_E Displays advanced MODx instructions dropdown box in posting.
Smilie Signs 1.0.5 Sniper_E This extension will add a custom Smilie Signs BBcodes in a dropdown box. An animated smilie will post holding a sign up with your message.
Active Extensions List 1.0.1 spaceace, dmzx Shows total number of active extensions installed in the forum statistics with a link to a new page to a list of the installed extensions with their versions and descriptions.
Ajax Chat 3.0.23 spaceace, kasimi, Kevin Roy Chat for phpBB 3.1
My Style 1.0.0 spaceace Custom addidtions to my site
Forum Goal 1.0.8 Ulrik Christensen The Forum Goal extension display your goals for posts, topics, users and attachments.
Tapatalk Plugin for phpBB 3.1/3.2 2.0.3 Tapatalk Tapatalk Plugin for phpBB 3.1/3.2
Browse Happy 2.0.0 Matt Friedman (VSE) Displays an Outdated Browser Banner on your forum's index page (visible only to Internet Explorer 6/7/8 users), to encourage users of IE 6/7/8 to upgrade to a modern browser.
Database Optimize & Repair Tool 1.1.0 Matt Friedman (VSE) A phpBB 3.1 extension that allows you to check, optimize and repair phpBB's MySQL database tables from a phpMyAdmin-like interface in the Administration Control Panel.
Lightbox 1.0.3 Matt Friedman (VSE) Lightbox for phpBB will resize posted images to a maximum set width and display them fullscreen in an elegant Lightbox overlay effect.
Private Message Box Status Bars 2.0.1 Matt Friedman (VSE) Adds a graphical representation to private message boxes of the space used/remaining.
Advanced Polls 1.0.0 Clemens Husung (Wolfsblvt) Advances the core poll system of phpBB with new features like hiding votes till end, showing poll voters, limiting the votes and more.
Prime Ban to Group 1.0.2 Clemens Husung (Wolfsblvt), primehalo Automatically moves users into a special group when they are banned or suspended. This allows you to visually indicate their status through the use of group attributes, such as a custom rank image. Users will be removed from the group when they are manually unbanned or when their temporary ban has ended. Users who are already banned or suspended when this extension is installed can be moved to the group if you resync the groups.