A surefire way to stop pesky spammers.

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A surefire way to stop pesky spammers.

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Try this...

Go to ACP>Spambot Countermeasure>Available Plugins. Select Q&A then select Configure. You will be taken to a page that has the space to ADD your Question/Questions

Make the Question relevant to something only you know the correct answer to.

Now for the Answers .. yes that's right, ANSWERS ... I have set MULTIPLE answers yet they are ALL correct to the specific question. By this I mean to do your Question and Answers like below:

Code: Select all
 QUESTION: What year was Abraham Lincoln born?


    February 12, 1809
    1809 2 12
    Thwelth February Nineteen hundred and nine 
    February twelve nineteen hundred & 9
I have used the above questions on 3 separate websites, ALL "were" very heavily trafficked by spammers and thus far have not had a single spammer get through since implementing this method. Also remember that you can change the question/s and answer/s at anytime you like.

~Note~ That ALL the answers are correct and that the person or bot trying to register has to get at least ONE correct to get past the Q&A and into your site... So what you say!.. Well then this is where YOU get creative for your own specific question/s.
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Re: A surefire way to stop pesky spammers.

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This works peeps. I have about 12 questions I setup that are unique to my site. I set this up per Ghost's instructions back in January, to date only one spammer made it through. I deleted his ass once he registered. I was getting at least 5-10 on a weekly basis but not anymore.

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