Hi 'all

stop in and say hi :D
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Hi 'all

Post by ideamaker »

Well hello everybody.
Moderation for the first post is fine by me, because I work on exact the same basis on my forum :) So I respect that.
My main goal to register here is the use of the ajax chatcenter for pbpBB3.x
I use 3.2.0 and the box is working really fine, some issues tough.
It conflicts with the ajax shoutbox from Paul, both versions 1.0.2 and 1.0.4, wether the conflict is caused by the code from Paul or the code from spaceage, I cannot determine.

Next, I would like to purpose an Idea for the chatcenter.
I think users would really apreciate the possibility of a private chat, with options in ACP to give users or groups standard permission to use a private chat, or in the chatbox itself, the possibility for admins and moderators to invite someone to a private chat.

Well, tha'ts all for now, I hope my info is usefull.

Best regards.

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Re: Hi 'all

Post by spaceace »

welcome to LMO :D

i never tested my chat with Paul's shoutbox and won't use his extension. i had tested it in the past and it had a huge server load issue as well as the fact that it got validated while it had a major issue with UCP settings not saving and should have failed validation :roll:

as for private chat... i have never had any plans to add this feature. in my opinion, if you are chatting with someone and need to talk privately, this can be done using the board PM system
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