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[RC] Ajax Chat

Post by spaceace » Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:33 pm


Extension Name: Ajax Chat

Extension Version: [RC] Latest BETA version is in GitHub releases

Description: an ajax based chat for the forum index

Author: spaceace

Original Author: Handyman` AJAX Chat © 2007 StarTrekGuide has personally given me permission to take it over

Requirements: <---
  • phpBB 3.1.x
  • php >= 5.4 <---
Demo URL: index.php

username - test
password - chattester

Tested on free hosts:
Altervista - Ajax Chat Altervista - Index page

Release Download:
Ajax Chat for phpBB 3.1.x
Releases · LMOspaceace/ajaxchat · GitHub

  • bbcode support
  • smilies support
  • avatars
  • sound
  • chat popup - popup window with only the chat
  • archive
  • yourboard.com/chat
  • users can select their own chat font colour
  • @ function - to direct a chat to a specific user
  • ACP Module - screenshot below
  • UCP options - screenshot below
  • quote function for quoting chat messages
  • edit function
  1. Download the latest release from (Releases · LMOspaceace/ajaxchat · GitHub).
  2. Unzip the downloaded release, and change the name of the folder to `ajaxchat`.
  3. In the `ext` directory of your phpBB board, create a new directory named `spaceace` (if it does not already exist).
  4. Copy the `ajaxchat` folder to `/ext/spaceace/` (if done correctly, you'll have the main extension class at (your forum root)/ext/spaceace/ajaxchat/composer.json).
  5. Navigate in the ACP to `Customise -> Manage extensions`.
  6. Look for `Ajax Chat` under the Disabled Extensions list, and click its `Enable` link.
Update Instructions:
  1. disable the extension
  2. delete extension data
  3. delete extension files from server
  4. download latest extension files from GitHub(if you haven't already)
  5. upload new files to the server
  6. enable extension
  7. in some cases, the board cache needs to be cleared
this is exactly how i update the extension on all 4 of my test boards and it takes me about 5 minutes total to do them all. sorry, but i currently do not know of any other way at this time to make it easier. if someone knows how, please post how and i will gladly update the instructions :D

unless stated otherwise, this is how you update from one version to the next...

this extension is in BETA and i myself do not believe in having update files in the migration for that simple reason. once this gets to an RC status, then update files will start to get put in.


this is a direct port of the phpBB 3.0.x modification that i have on my site.

Style Support:
this will only be supported on styles that are currently released in the phpBB styles database phpBB • [3.1.x] Styles Database Releases. depending on the style that you use, you might need to tweak the files so it looks correct for your style and this i will gladly help with. please note that even though subsilver2 is not an official style in the database, i will support it in it's basic form ;)

supported styles are now listed on the release page

Permissions: a permission system has been added ;)
please note that if you are not using the phpbb default groups that consist of Administrators, Global Moderators, and Registered Users, you will have to manually set the group permissions to use chat.

to view the screenshots in full size, right-click the image and open the image in a new tab/window


index page

chat center

bbcodes and smilies open in chat

font colour hold open in chat

UCP settings



ACP screens

main ACP chat settings

ACP user's preferences chat settings... bottom 7 settings

user permissions settings... top 4 settings. same for group permissions

this will be my first extension so bear with me as i'm still learning ;)
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if you like my work and would like to contribute to my development of styles, please donate by using the donate button in the header.



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