windows xp problems...

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windows xp problems...

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i just had to reload a fresh install of windows xp on my desktop pc. if you've ever had to do this, you know it can be a real pain to have to backup all your data so you can format and reload. well, i'm here to tell you that if you have an xp full install cd, not oem like a Dell or HP cd, here's how you can put a fresh copy of xp without formatting. providing you have a legit copy that is ;)

step 1:
if windows will load and function, you need to transfer/copy anything from the documents and settings folder(this is where the my documents is stored as well as any personal settings) into a new folder like c:backup for example. after you are satisfied that you have everything you need, move to the next step.

step 2:
boot your pc with with your xp cd and go into the recovery console. there are also many different utilities on the net that will give you access to the files on the hard drive via a GUI... too many different ones to go into any detail about them :roll:

delete all of the following substituting "username" with the name associated with the username you use and anyone else that uses your pc:
Program Files
Documents and SettingsusernameApplication Data
Documents and SettingsusernameLocal Settings
Documents and SettingsusernameNTUSER.DAT
Documents and Settingsusernamentuser.ini
Documents and Settingsusernamentuser.dat.LOG

step 3:
reinstall windows xp leaving the filesystem intact(no format)

hope this helps someone :D
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