new look for my Jato...

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new look for my Jato...

Post by spaceace »

got tired of the Jato body that was on my RC. decided to do a bit of a makeover after having to rebuild the engine in it :roll:

what i started with...
sorry, never thought to take pics during painting :roll:

i started with 2 coats of red followed up by 2 coats of black after removing all the masks and the end result is this
also had to put another set of tires on. went with Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs. taped the tires to stop them from ballooning at high speeds :D

here's what it all looks like now

2017 Ford Raptor
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Re: new look for my Jato...

Post by Gnome! »

Broom broom time for the lil machine now :)

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