have you been vaccinated?

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have you been vaccinated?

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the new trend to hear everyone say. slowly becoming mandatory to get one in order to just enjoy going out. and i have issues with it.

just to come right to the point, i'm not getting vaccinated. i know people that are in the health care system that have watched a few people die from covid that were previously healthy and fully vaccinated. one person used to be a nurse and quit because she was terrified when a person got the vaccine and then died from it. she worked ICU.

i got asked to leave a store a couple weeks ago because i wasn't wearing a mask. i have a bronchial condition that prevents me from being able to wear one for more than a minute or so. then i can't breath. yes, i'm at high risk of getting covid. but am i supposed to just stop living because i refuse to get a vaccine that might kill me?

my daughter wanted all of us to go to Canada's Wonderland next year... can't because they want proof of vaccines. honestly, is discrimination in it's purest form. sad part is, right from the government's website it states that people under 2 years of age or those with certain medical conditions are exempt from having to wear a mask. but that doesn't seem to matter.

anyway, what's everyone's thoughts and or opinions on what's going on in the world currently?

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