More lines, size and header

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More lines, size and header

Post by Ramtoi » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:53 am

Already posted this in in phpbb forum and get answer there.
Posting also here if someone is looking answer for same things.
Some of questions might be answered in other topics also.
spaceace wrote:
Ramtoi wrote:Current version set amount of chat messages between 5 and 150. Any way to increase this?
that is set in the file acp\ajaxchat_module.php lines 91-94 depending on which setting you want to increase.
Ramtoi wrote:is there a way to increase size of chat window
you will have to edit the .shouts and .whois elements in ajax_chat.css and adjust the height: setting to the same on both elements
Ramtoi wrote:page header is "CHAT CENTER" any way to change that
that is in the language file ajax_chat.php on line 62, change it to what you prefer ;)
Forum is phpbb3.2.2. forum and Ajax Chat for phpbb 3.1.
Applied changes I wanted according instructions and purged cache. Everything worked, no problem.
Thanks for help!

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