Issue with archive

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Issue with archive

Post by Elec »

I made the following settings:

archive messages: 500
popup messages: 60
index messages: 60
chat messages: 60
kept no. of messages: 30000
Automatic purge: off

It shows:
no. of messages in chat database: 381

If I now click on "Archive" it only shows the last 60 messages - no paging - I can't go to a page 2,3,4, etc... to see older messages.

What I expected (or wanted) is that I can see all up to 30000 messages in the archive, 60 per page.

Can you give me a hint, what to do?

Best regards,
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Re: Issue with archive

Post by spaceace »

yes. it seems that the setting amount was overlooked and not completed :(

i will have to get that fixed as soon as i'm able
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