Our sled/place

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Our sled/place

Post by Mintcopper »

Bought this when we had no snow and some picture of where we live
First snow fall not enough but had to try it out
winter sled 002.jpg
pictures of where we live
winter sled 001.jpg
our place 001.jpg
our place 002.jpg
our place 003.jpg
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Re: Our sled/place

Post by Gnome! »

Oh man, I'm so envious right now. Just seeing the snow falling is great but seeing the openness there as well just means a whole lotta fun :D

Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Our sled/place

Post by spaceace »

we are on a 50acre farm. we are also on a corner lot and there's farms across the road as well. so it's pretty wide open :D
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