late night visitor...

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late night visitor...

Post by spaceace »

here's what we had to deal with last night :shock:
lucky enough, it never sprayed and this morning you can't even smell any traces. just plain lucky :lol: :lol:
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Re: late night visitor...

Post by Gnome! »

Pooo Stinky !!!

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Re: late night visitor...

Post by Mintcopper »

He's been coming in the house for over a year now Spaceace just never sees him as he sleeps through the night ;_) i get up in the night and if mr skunk sees me he just walks slowly to the cat door and leaves :mrgreen: I put shopping bag by the out side door to make noise so he doesn't come in have not seen in in a few day maybe that worked. I know it works for possums they hate the sound of shopping bags. :roll:
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