be careful with international orders...

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be careful with international orders...

Post by spaceace »

i ordered some brake line clips that i needed for my truck... $4.00 for 4 clips and they are exactly what i needed. i ordered them and was told i would receive an email with the shipping charges... $31us for shipping. i almost fell out of my chair. lesson learned and it will never happen again.

this happened on the broncograveyard site and here's the clips that i ordered ... nfo/32568/
the actual location of the place is in Michigan and is only about 4 hours drive from where i live :roll:

once again, be careful with international orders :roll:

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Re: be careful with international orders...

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Yep have been stung like that once myself and now the pesky business is outa business because of it ! Karma I say ;)

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