virtual floppy drives...

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virtual floppy drives...

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i have been dealing with an issue that has left me almost pulling out my hair :roll:

my laptop, as well as most new systems, does not have a floppy drive. i needed to install a program yesterday that requires the use of a key diskette to install. i have the key diskette, but no drive to put it in. i tried about 10 different virtual drive programs and none of them seemed to get along with windows 7. well, this morning, after i no longer needed to use the program as i finally found another source for the information i needed, i found a virtual drive program that works perfectly with windows 7... oh, i forgot to mention that it's not just windows 7, but windows 7 64 bit. the name of the program is "ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver" and worked great for me on the first try :D

you can find it here ;) Tools and utilities for Windows

also, i had to use an older windows XP system with a floppy drive to make a floppy image using WinImage that can be found here Download WinImage

so, anyone that has this issue... this might save you a bit of time :D

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