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Come hunting with

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Myself and Annie Oakely and we'll see what lies before us.

This years trip away to our annual hunting grounds was the best in years :D

Great camp spot with the occasional tent flattening winds!
Camp low dam.jpg
Just some of the lands we can walk or drive or both!
Surveying the lands.jpg
Annie .jpg
Some great hunting and views to be had :D
more to see .jpg
Even Penny likes to rest :D
Creek Penny .jpg
This Emu is a pet on the property. :shock:
Emu ! .jpg
Big critters make these holes but they also kill the farmers stock and on rare ocassions can do the same to the unsuspecting farmer's, hunters and stipid hikers.
biggum hole !.jpg
We do this every year, some years to great success :D
fox drive 2018.jpg
The snake below was just a mere fifteen feet from me when I was resting and the 1st time in ten years of hunting these lands we've ever came across one.
red belly black .jpg
So the mouse hunters went nocturnal with the pfffffft guns
A very small portion of the haul.
There was some very memorable shots taken in some very trying conditions.
Rabbit's .jpg

Come on Space you know you want to book in for next September's trip ;) ;) ;) ;)
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