why i haven't been around lately...

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why i haven't been around lately...

Post by spaceace » Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:51 am

just an update on why i haven't been around lately...

firstly, i work 6 days a week leaving me only 1 day a week to do things like spend time with my family and do things like work on my truck and other honey-do-list items as well as just rest and relax.

i have built a new enclosure for my second snake finally after having her for a few years. it's the one on the left ;)
been trying to get my latest parts truck stripped of all the parts i need to keep for mine which was purchased mainly for the 5-speed transmission to get rid of the automatic in mine.
also i'm losing over half of my back yard to get a new barn built. kinda sucks that it's going to be so close to the house but it is not a decision that i was able to have any say in :(
all that, plus some recent health and physical issues has left me with very little time to do things on the phpBB and web related side of things. i will try to keep everyone updated as much as i can. i'm truly sorry if this has or is causing anyone any problems but real life takes priority over everything :(
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Re: why i haven't been around lately...

Post by ivailo95 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:06 am

:shock: daaamn :shock:

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Re: why i haven't been around lately...

Post by Gnome! » Tue Sep 10, 2019 11:31 pm

Well you have been a very very busy lil beaver of late, I do miss our chats very much but love it when we do catch up. Way nice work on the new enclosure and I bet the snake sure loves it as well. Always handy to have plenty of decent spares for the truck and a back up gearbox even if it is going to be an auto!

I agree with ivailo95 when it comes to the new barn going in DAMN there goes the awesome views when it's a snowing :(

Praying that your health and back issues aren't to bad and that you recover from them speedily.

I've some good news and some awesome news and some oh heck news to share with all but will make that a couple separate posts.

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