Broken Gnome

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Broken Gnome

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I had a fall on the morning of 27th July due to severe sciatic problems.

So far I've had a neurosurgeon come see him. It looks like I have an acute pinched nerve due to a bulging disk. The neurosurgeon is looking at the CT scan results and sending me in for an MRI. Looks like surgery in the next 24 to 48 hours.
B G.jpg
Surgery was done at 10:30pm last night, Laminectomy and Discectomy to relieve the pressure on the nerves. Very happy to say that I'm not in that pain anymore and have had a walk with the physio 10 steps un-unassisted then onto a tall walking frame and a LiL stroll to the nurse's station and back. Enjoying my seat right now and lifting both legs without pain. :D
after surgery.jpg
Had the head surgeon visit me just before dinner tonight and he said that I was very lucky to have come through as well as I have. Turns out it was him and his off-cider that operated as he explained that he took almost half the hugely bulged disc away but left enough left to support. Also said I will be a lot sorer tomorrow when the locals wear completely off.

Got caught in the moment while filling my split nails from the fall :|
nail filling.jpg
Update time folks.

Physio visit this morning have scaled down to a smaller walking frame, so much easier to get round with but looks like I maybe here for around 2 weeks of in house physio due to me struggling with leg control from nerve damage before being aloud to go home with some house changes to be look at and implemented for more recovery there ss well. All in all my feelings are good with only taking pannadol for pain management legs are good but lack of control (not fully lifting and going through motions) is the main issue for now. Will be going to Yass for sure as this is my goal to achieve.

Not quite the 4x4 but hey it's a start!
4 wheeler.jpg

Soooo my surgeon has visited, he's very happy with my healing but informed me that it will take 8 month's or longer for the numbness in my legs to go with the possibility of not all of it to ever go.

Was also informed by both him and the physio that it takes 1 day for nerves to repair 1mm and that I have roughly 1400mm of nerves from wound site to tip of toes, sooo quite some time for recovery with them and the same as the numbness with a possibility of some complete lose.

I'm being moved to the rehab ward over the weekend and will be staying there for a possible 2 weeks but looking more like 1 with my rate of recovery.

I'm not going to let this stop me from controlling my life but will rather work to make the very best of my situations and get better than I was.
healing cut.jpg
Update time...!

New room with new inmates! One grumpy old fucker and two quite nice ole cobba's though one does tend to talk loudly when sleeping!

Went for my 1st physio session this morning and to my delight and physio (Bruce's) delight I'm in way better shape than he'd expected from the surgery I had.

Laying down test reveled 7-8's on lifting my legs up, 3-4's when laying on my side so room for improvement there.

Left leg is at about 20% for overall strength when pulling with foot and 90% doing same with right.

Took me for a walk on some steps, as I was most worried about negotiating them the most, it was only four and the amount of relief to be able to go up then turn and return I felt was HUGE and the happiness in his voice gave me more confidence. Tomorrow I'll be doing the steeper steps as they resemble mine at home more.

Learnt to walk with as little help from the walker as possible and wait for it ....little drum roll... I'll be walking with my old stick from tomorrow onward :D :D

Have exercises to do and looking forward to doing them.
Bruce's prognosis is that I should be going home sooner than expected but not wanting to rush thing's.
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Knows, I have just enough. Enough to make me content, enough to make me want a little more, but if I don't get it, I'll be OK.

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Re: Broken Gnome

Post by Gnome! »

My physio is my guide and is helping me understand what to lookout for with my new limitations and is also able to confirm or deny my reactions which is very reassuring both for me and family.

Gotta say it's now very difficult to work out what actual pain is with my left leg as my sensations are all over the shop, but can say I'm able to pick it pretty quickly with the right leg, especially when I originally thought that my right calf and back of right thigh were cramping while standing, sitting and laying when in fact they weren't so the nerve damage is more evident pain wise.

Had a really good day today, am now classed as independent with a stick while on ward, and a walker when I go off ward. Some more exercises to work with on building strength.

Got a leave pass to go home on the weekend to spend 4-5 hours with my family, so Saturday is my chosen day for this.

Prognosis is still looking at mid week next week to go home.

August 9th,
Done 2 timed laps of the ward this afternoon, using the stick including going through the gym = approximately 130 meters each round.

1st lap was 4 minutes & 4 seconds
2nd lap was 2 minutes & 59 seconds ...this one felt great as was more fluid with my walking.

Then smashed a 30 minute exercise session in the gym including a treat attacking and conquering the big stairs so stoked at my progress :D :D
August 15th 2019
Update time.

Im home!

Discharged on Tuesday afternoon with my paperwork scripts and tools for recovering while home. No driving for six weeks, referals for upcomming apointments and subsequent follow-ups.

They even gave me the exact definition of what my diagnosis was. So I googled it and am sharing below.

Cauda Equina Syndrome

Low back pain is very common. It affects millions of people. In most cases, you don't need surgery for low back pain. But in rare cases, severe back pain can be a sign of cauda equina syndrome (CES), a condition that usually requires urgent surgical treatment. People with cauda equina syndrome often are admitted to a hospital as a medical emergency. Here's what you need to know about cauda equina syndrome.

What Is Cauda Equina Syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is a rare disorder that usually is a surgical emergency. In patients with cauda equina syndrome, something compresses on the spinal nerve roots. You may need fast treatment to prevent lasting damage leading to incontinence and possibly permanent paralysis of the legs.

CES affects a bundle of nerve roots called cauda equina (Latin for horse's tail). These nerves are located at the lower end of the spinal cord in the lumbosacral spine. They send and receive messages to and from your legs, feet, and pelvic organs.
Cauda Equina.png
20th Aug 2019
Now it's update time
Hellooo world, update time! I'm now walking un-unassisted in home no stick or walker, small but steady steps 😃 and today I've been up and down my back steps twice without the stick 😊 again small but steady steps, then tonight I went for a walk with my beautiful wife only up to the top of the street then to the bottom and back, even got a little video of my usain-gnome jog...ermm walk!

31 Aug 2019

OK it's update time!
I'm able to drive now and yes I've been very cautious getting in and out of the Landcruiser with its 4 inch lift, easy to drive as its auto so my left leg gets a rest! Then there's my LiL-Yota being a manual, just short drives at the time understanding the new sensations and feelings in my left leg and foot when using the clutch in the LiL-Yota sure is different but very manageable. I've since gone for a longer run in the LiL-Yota out to my Dad n Moms place at Toronto to visit and drop off the walker as it's no longer needed, sure was nice to visit them :)
1st time drive.jpeg

6th Sep 2019

Last update for this thread. :D

Got a "new second hand mower" and today I mowed the back and front yards then mowed the In-laws footpath both sides of my house :shock: took a grand total of almost 4 hours in the end but was totally worth it since they ain't been mowed in 9 weeks!
yard mowed.jpg
Showered after that was done then took some pain relief for the upper body as there is NO pain in the lower half at all. Still very proud of my effort and will need to do it again next week I guess... at least it will be just a bit easier this time round :)
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Knows, I have just enough. Enough to make me content, enough to make me want a little more, but if I don't get it, I'll be OK.