A dream becoming Reality

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A dream becoming Reality

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So this Monday evening just past I got a call from a man whom I consider a very dear friend and a very respected shooter in the shooting/hunting community I'm involved with regarding a rifle I had been admiring for some time (since 2013) after first looking it over then having the pleasure of firing it a few times.

The call came about from a private message he had sent me back in January this year and it had taken me almost that long to pluck the nervous courage up to re-inquire about the offer and we talked about many forms of hunting and various rifles and whilst doing so came to the agreement that it's mine and will stay with him till paid for in installments over the next 2 years, so yeah there's the back story!

Now the rifle in question is this .375 Cheytac
Cheytac .375.jpg
Nice nd BIG.jpg
The round at the top is a 338-378wby mag, in the middle is a .17 and the bottom is the .375 Cheytac :D
Comparatively speaking.jpg
The Cheytac holds 145 grains powder compared to the WBY's 113.5 grains but both will fire a 300gn projectile with ease ...just the Cheytac will reach out a lot further and hit with more force!
I've plans in place (thanks to my Older Brother)to do some long range Large varminting the following year and will do some posts regarding this when the time comes :D
To add a little more interest to the projectile weights I will be loading up 25 cases with 345gn hollow point projectiles for the larger varmints we have here in Australia as well as 10 or 15 with 345gn monolithic's for shoulder and heavy rib busting on said vermin.
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