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the governments are being pretty stupid by opening things up. the people need a leader with a backbone. a leader that will stand up, put their foot down and keep shit closed. but no, lets open bars and dining areas again so the people will just start spreading it again. Canada had a pretty steady decline in numbers until shit started opening up again. now, more people are going to die... for what?????? so they can eat in a restaurant or drink in a bar.

it sucks not being able to go places like before the pandemic. but when it comes to the masses, people truly are not very smart. an individual is, but not the many. so you see people standing close and all it takes is one idiot to get too close, get infected, and bring it home. now the entire family could be wiped out.

keep shit closed until a vaccine or some type of cure is found.

governments....... at least give your people a chance to survive all this.

so, the strong will go out, work the front lines, knowing the risk. many of them will make it. 1 idiot gets too close to one of the people their family knows and causes them to get it because their government decided to open things up. what was it all for, for that front line worker to take that risk when they might still lose everything in their life?

i'm just not happy about things opening up like they are.

when it's all over, and millions are dead, who will be left to carry on? those that are unable to work or go out in the first place? things only get worse before they get better. history will tell you that with the previous pandemics :(

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Re: coronavirus...

Post by Gnome! »

Wholeheartedly agree with what you've posted :)

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